Hemp CBD Suppositories 75mg 5ctHemp CBD Suppositories 75mg 5ct

Hemp CBD Suppositories 75mg 5ct


There are many benefits to rectal administration of hemp CBD, even when compared to other methods of hemp CBD administration. This method bypasses the destructive compounds in the stomach and liver delivering the CBD to your bloodstream through the rectal or vaginal walls.  In cases of surgery, illness, or injury, oral methods may not be an option due to vomiting or gastrointestinal difficulties, or physical limitations of the mouth or throat.




Suppositories are an excellent way to obtain the benefits of hemp CBD, thanks to higher bioavailability and absorption rates when compared to other methods of hemp CBD administration. Suppositories are an excellent way to deliver CBD close to problem areas in the rectal and vaginal regions such as intestines, prostate, and uterus.

  • This package contains 5 capsules, each containing 75mg hemp CBD.
  • Each suppository is 2.65mL
  • Keep stored in a refrigerator. Use good hygiene and wash hands before and after use.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, natural hemp CBD cannabis extract, organic hemp oil, frankincense oil, organic cocoa butter, and Ultrapure ozone-oxygen.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


Wash hands before opening and handling suppository; gloves may be worn. To ease insertion, a light coating of water-based lubricant may be applied directly to the suppository. With the pointed end of the suppository first, carefully insert into the rectum past the sphincter muscle. Wash hands. Slippage may occur; rest for 15-20 minutes before resuming activity or having a bowel movement. May also be used vaginally if indicated.

The capsule may be cut in half lengthwise (tip to tip) for a smaller dose. If the suppository still inside the packaging has broken, place the unopened shell into a sealable waterproof bag and gently reheat in warm water until melted. Place back into the refrigerator to allow the suppository to reform within the shell. If the suppository is too soft for insertion, place in the refrigerator until hardened enough for use. Air bubbles in the suppository are normal and do not indicate a loss of product or affect use.


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